Thursday, 16 May 2013

Reprehensible wussing out!

I am not going to run 10km on Bank holiday Monday. I am a wuss! I am sorry!

Reality is what it is: one of my cousins has an injury and probably won't run. Her husband won't run if she doesn't. My other cousin has family commitments - yay - go you, you know who you are! We can't afford petrol, train fares, etc.

Think I could stagger round but not trained enough ...

My main reason for feeling bad is I don't like Daisyfay seeing me not go through with something - so: going to try and enter a Race for Life - can run 5k already and the Miracle Girl could do that with me too - and going to look for a 10k closer to home, maybe around September.

Feeling bad - but looking forward ...

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