Thursday, 13 August 2015


It's a bit in the news, isn't it? And rightly so. We try and buy local, and as unmessed with as possible, but, I have to admit, milk sometimes slips through the net. Thing is, it's so damned cheap - and, hey, that's the point. But where's my point of difference...?

Now, going back a bit, I got some Abel and Cole boxes - breathe deeply - it was frugal (though no one could claim local) and, obviously, organic ... I got a recommend your friend code plus fourth box free deal - would go with this if you get the chance, as it is surprisingly reasonable: it works out as four for the price of two ... and they give you free gifties! You have to remember to do the cancelling thing at the end though ... vigilance is the key!!! 

Anyway, one of the gifties was milk, organic, non-homogenised milk - it was gorgeous. And it wasn't just me, DaisyFay was bowled over, and ever since I've had, " Can we have the creamy milk.....?". And I looked ... I asked in all the farm shops for non-homogenised milk ... Nope! I remember milk on the doorstep as a child, with cream on the top. And, strangely(or not), no lactose intolerance. Apparently, homogenising spins it all around and breaks up all the fat, and makes it harder to digest ... oh, and easier to keep. I'm no scientist, but that makes sense.

We've been buying non-homogenised milk here in Cornwall, even better, made on the farm milk, their cows, their milk - the tiniest farm shop ever - Treleague Farm Dairy - if you're ever down this way ... They've not got a website/FB page (yet) - I'm sure it will come ... but, the milk - absolutely fabulous - and (this might sound odd) what convinced me was: it went off, there was a tiny bit of our litre left after 4 days, it should do that! What do they do to supermarket milk to make it last so long? Sorry, I may be veering into hippiedom, but I want my food as nature intended please.

I've, I think, found a dairy back home that will deliver me unhomogenised milk. I'm not sure how local though. Think I'd rather have less but better - and support dairy farmers - we may need them one day...

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