Sunday, 3 March 2013


This week I have been mostly pants at:

* writing this blog

* cleaning my house

* not having any wine!

In my defence it was my birthday on Wednesday, so wine pushed itself to the fore! But in the spirit of frugality I decided not to go out - instead I had a lovely, delayed birthday meal on Friday. Paul cooked mussels, with homemade bread, and chocolate fondants. It was fab!

Further in my defence I worked a lot this week, which is always a good thing on the making more money front. The last three days of the week I spent at a lovely school in Wigan, one of the nicest I've been to in ages. It's the best thing about supply, the variety, and every so often you land on a school that is just great - and this was one. I had an enjoyable three days with an excellent, bouncy, personality-filled Year 4 class - and thought ( which I don't all that often) : now these I would like to teach.

On the plus side, the plan is going okay ... ish!

Prong 1: Frugality

* didn't go out for my birthday

* am using birthday money to pay to get my hair done

* made soup with stalks from broccoli and cauliflower, some leftover cabbage and leek tops - a bit of onion, a couple of ounces of lentils and some garlic and chilli - d'you know, it's really nice!

* didn't do a proper shop this week, used the freezer and storecupboard

Prong 2: Making more money

* worked for four days out of five - yay!

* sold some stuff - not a lot, but it's a start

* might be doing a bit of extra tutoring ...

* think I might be making some cakes ...

Feeling productive - feeling entrepreneur-ish! Need to investigate tax and stuff!

Daydream believing ...


  1. Happy Birthday! Well done with your week. Sounds fun :-) xxxx

  2. is that cakes to eat?.... or cakes to sell?..... only I could help with the eating option..... :-D