Monday, 22 April 2013


So, climbing is taking over my life! Or has the Miracle Girl already surreptitiously taken over my life ... hmmm.....

My weekend:

Saturday:  get up - clear up - sort various kitchen machines - practise Lion King audition for part quite obviously destined for much older child - drive Daisy Fay to Performing Arts group - go to tutoring job - come home - peg washing on line - make packed lunch - pack change of clothes - pick up Daisy Fay - drive to climbing centre in Warrington where the rest of her climbing team are in the last round of the North West qualifying for the national championships ( and some of them did! Yay!!) - spectate while child goes off to socialise - spectate with child - drive home - express relief that Paul has sorted out home-made pizza for movie night - fall asleep halfway through second film!

Sunday:  get up - clear up - sort various machines (the hamster wheel of life) - plan food for week - lament lack of time for weekly shop - entrust cash and limited shopping list to Paul, knowing he will not be as frugal as he should be! - make yet another packed lunch - pack climbing kit - pack still as yet unread reading book - drive to climbing centre in Liverpool (reading book on the way) - pay entry, hire ropes etc. - buy coffee - contemplate need to learn to belay whilst watching Miracle Girl's squirrel impression - text Paul that we will be too late to buy wine at 25% off at Tesco so he will need to go - drive home - sort stuff for Monday for me and Miracle Girl - eat (very good) Sunday dinner - clear up - sit down - fall asleep!

The Miracle Girl has passed her Level 1 climbing qualification - she now has her own harness and belay device - and there's a chunk of money I won't see again!!


This is not going to go away ...


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