Monday, 8 April 2013

Good Intentions

I'm full of these - I shall : clean my house, declutter my house, sell my clutter, do yoga, organise my stuff, file things where I can find them, advertise tutoring, be healthy and whoosh fresh juice regularly, lose weight and become a shadow of my former self ... and here is where we we enter into reality - in January, flushed with New Year's Resolution frenzy, I listened to my cousin.

I love my cousin - she is fab! She is my much younger cousin, now I think about it. Let's do a run she said, in London she said, exciting and fun she ... inferred! Yes said I, I can do that, said I, how hard can that be...

Very hard!

January - flushed with enthusiasm, I started training, did ok, thought : this is not a problem - slow but steady wins the race!

February/ March - nasty bug, Daisyfay's half-term and social whirl, too much work for the last halfterm, tutoring, cakes ... confession: no running!!!!

I used to run, in my former life I ran a lot, and did yoga ( and even aerobics during some slightly deluded life phases) - I did the Great North Run, twice!! But now ...

So my latest distraction is ... I must run.

Thus we have the plan - prongs 1+2. We now have the sub-plan, as I attempt to get somewhere with preparing to run 10 km on the 27th May - don't laugh, it is not funny!!

Let's be positive ...


  1. Positive is my middle name!! Running is not! I also have had these "wonderful at the time" ideas of running.... idea is where it has stayed. On a more positive note - I do yoga every week AND i have bought trainers should the idea progress....

  2. Testing, testing ...

  3. 10k .... 6 and back from yours three times?! Course you can - she says hobbling on a wrecked knee :o)