Monday, 6 May 2013

Finding gaps

I found a gap ... and I've had a lovely day.

There probably shouldn't have been a gap - there are a million and one things I should have been doing - I'm supposed to be sorting out stuff for selling, putting stuff on ebay, finding a path through the attic to the water tank to sort the overflowing overflow, planting food in the garden so that we can become self-sufficient ...

But instead I went with the gap ...

Me and Daisyfay got up quite early - washing on line - made chocolate brownies - realised part-way through no eggs - thank god for caravan park shop which opens at the crack of dawn! Paul did home cooked ham with fancy flavours - gorgeous smell through house.

This afternoon 007 Minor came to play. They played - perused the (many!) James Bond books we possess - I made picnic (aforementioned ham rolls and brownies, apples, crisps and drinks) - basket, book and ball and we were set. Walk down canal path - adventures in the woods involving water and trees - me collecting wild garlic - ice cream - caravan park playground - lambs - pirate dens in the reeds - nettles!!!


Got home just in time for 007 Minor's mum - hope his socks washed...! :-)

BBQ - visit to horses - bed.

Lovely day - gaps are good.

Feeling dreamy ...


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