Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Recurring themes

There are two things that keep coming back to haunt me. They lurk in the background, making me feel continually guilty and disheartened. They reinforce that "you are not in control, your priorities are all skewed" feeling.

You're wondering now, aren't you? How bad can it be? What nightmare is this...?

The attic and the garden.

The garden - I know what I want it to be, the plan (!) is good - that's what makes it so frustrating!! A couple of years of builders and flooding have put me in the "Where do I start?" frame of mind. I want somewhere to sit and eat, productive fruit and veg beds, and a shed to store stuff ... I dream of potting sheds ... and greenhouses ... patios ... chickens...

The attic - empty the attic... board the attic...refill the attic ... builders ... empty the attic ... refill the attic ... and so it goes on! We need to empty it again so we can get to the overflowing overflow. But emptying it causes chaos everywhere else - then I need to tidy because people are coming - so we shove it all back again... I want an organised, minimal attic - this is also probably a pipe dream ...

I think that, in order to assert control over my life, I need to conquer the garden and the attic.

More plans ..

                                (How good does this look? Dreaming ...!)


  1. I wish my attic looked like that ...

  2. I have started to tackle my garden project... got Mr muscles to start the digging part.... I have the vision.... I hope it turns out that way in the end!!! I feel your trauma!!!! :-)