Friday, 14 June 2013


I think I may be having an epiphany - a measured epiphany - but an epiphany all the same...

Frugal wine has reasserted itself this week, for a few days anyway... and less on other days ...
Also I have been reading a book - called The Primal Blueprint  - - some friends of ours have been trying this for quite a while. I always felt I agreed with quite a lot of it, with some reservations, but the more I read, the more I like ... and I've felt quite motivated his week ... why... ?

I really don't know - I am now officially in guilty mommy mode. It is the Summer fair at school tomorrow, I should have made cakes but have been working instead! I am doing the name the bear but will be late as I am tutoring in the morning. And the Miracle Girl is rehearsing for the Lion King and can't be picked up until 12.30 ... and she really should be at the community choir's workshop day... why is this day the day for everything???!!

And the Lion King - mark 1 headdress bombed :-(
Mark 2 is getting there ... don't you just love papier-mâché ...?

So watch this space for a bit more epiph-ing - I feel it in the distance - who knows where it may lead ...

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