Wednesday, 5 June 2013


I am currently trying to construct a lion headdress - it is not easy - but it is beginning to look a little like a lion ...

The Miracle Girl's summer show is The Lion King - hence the headdresses. Once I have the lions sussed, I need to create a gazelle prototype, a wart hog and a meerkat - at that point I will need to contemplate an elephant and some giraffes!!

The joys of motherhood - no one mentioned the making ...!

Daisyfay is at her grandma's - since Monday. She has a two week half-term - we don't! It would be great if we weren't teachers - cheap holidays and all that jazz - but we are - and they aren't.  I am going to collect her tomorrow and I can't wait! I don't half miss her, it's so quiet without her...

So back to the lion - I am modelling it on Luna Lovegood's lion hat.

Don't hold your breath ...

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  1. Hope your lion is a roaring success!!! ...... (sorry .... I'll get me coat....!!)