Saturday, 19 October 2013

Starting again...

And then I turned around and it was October ...
Feeble, I know, but true - and lots has happened ...but this was always supposed to be about looking forward.

So ... campervan ... no closer I think, but destitution is much farther away, which has to be good!
The plan, Prongs 1 and 2 ... undergoing a revival ... as we speak the plan is underway again ...just need to remember which prong is which...

Prong 1: Frugality

* Daisyfay's extended birthday celebrations are now over (except for today's trip to Toys r Us to spend her (considerable) birthday stash - frugality is definitely not part of her plan!) - frugality had limited sway whilst we dealt with that. She had a fab time though - and, though every year it's a lot of work, she won't want this for ever so let's make the memories and enjoy it now. She wanted a horse party, not just as a theme but with real ones. I wasn't sure how we did this and early research showed it to be decidedly unfrugal! Eventually, however, I found somewhere that was, whilst still not cheap, at least affordable - so she picked 10 friends ( weaning her off the marauding hordes in the village hall concept!) and off we went. We thoroughly enjoyed it - they were riding for over an hour, did games on the horses, all sorts - then we came back here, they organised games and dance competitions - had a short discussion about play fighting never being an acceptable activity - did cowboy stylie food - cake and sing - home!! Wine and Calamity Jane followed quickly!!
I'd definitely recommend the pony party - it did feel like value for money, especially when you consider what you pay at a lot of party places. if you fancy a look.
Anyway the smiles were worth it.- and excitement doesn't really describe it...

So back to frugality - on top of the birthday, there was Paul's MOT, the expiring television, the overdue coal bill and the traumatic story of the laptop and the lemonade ... have decided to draw a line under it all ... starting again...

* I have a plan for November - it may be a tad ambitious - it  has 3 strands ( I like breaking things down, ok!)
          1. No spend November - frugal shopping - leftovers, using of - no buying of "stuff" (except
                  frugal, on offer, etc shopping for future, unnamed events looming on the horizon! ;-) )
          2. No wine November - hmmm - going to try...
          3. Contemplating a primal eating month - suppose it's not exactly to do with frugality, but it's
                kind of in the spirit ...

Prong 2: Making more money

* have a job - good start!

* have begun the selling stuff/ remove clutter approach again (it's half term - at least for us, not for
the Miracle Girl - don't get me started ...!) - having a mass Ebay session on Sunday.

Campervan for next summer? Unlikely, but you never know...



  1. I love reading your camper van dreams Liz; keep them coming please

    1. Nice to know someone's listening to my misadventures!

  2. An excellent plan! Ebay is a fab way to make money, I pretty much paid for last Christmas by selling "stuff". It's a lot of legwork but once you start it gets easier. x