Sunday, 20 October 2013


We went to Toys r Us...

Actually we went to Ikea for lunch first - Daisyfay is a big fan of the meatballs, and I'm a big fan of the idea that I too could have a decluttered, organised home which fits in a shoe box - oh the power of marketing! As it is not yet November, we got to the till with: 2 pairs of silicone tongs, 3 washing up brushes in various colours, a food container, a dustpan and brush, a large bowl for salad etc, and a rather large, cuddly elephant! We did need the bowl as we managed to break two over the summer. And Paul did want more tongs and they were only 40p each. And our dustpan is broken...
And the cuddly elephant - birthday money - what more can I say?!
I did mean to buy a plastic box with little compartments to store various tiny bits of Lego in an organised and tidy manner, thus reducing our clutter ... but I forgot. I'm well prepared for washing up though...!

So, Toys r Us - we now (in addition to the elephant) have Teksta and a Barbie puppy race.
The Barbie puppy race is quite funny, you wind the puppies' ears up, put them in water, and they swim! :-) And then there is Teksta, a robotic puppy - this was what she went for - he walks to her voice, barks, sits, does back flips - just like a real puppy...

Only he's not ... he's a substitute ... and I'm feeling guilty again ...



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