Monday, 20 January 2014


I am in a state of wonder.

Or is it shock?

I am nonetheless very happy ... though bemused by my own stupidity ...

I am at climbing - nothing unusual there! Not our normal night so no-one to chat to ... brought the iPad to occupy myself in a gainful way ... decided to try and sort out my emails, as I tend to stockpile them, over months and months... did lots of deleting ... and reading of the unread ... and discovered a wonderful thing ... I paid off a credit card last August! Now you would think I would remember this, but, for some reason I hadn't, and, what is more, thought I still owed a rather hefty amount on it.

Wonderment. Oh happy day! Makes up a bit for the debacle of the car and the phone.

Not sure it's exactly a grassy plateau, but I'm not complaining ...

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