Sunday, 9 February 2014


I am a zigzag declutterer. It explains a lot - like why my house is not decluttered. Now I know this, the decluttering can commence, and soon my house shall be a place of beauty!

So, how did I discover this? A friend writes a much more grown up blog than mine and posted this: - it struck a chord - zigzagging is exactly me, in most things really - and I wonder why the Miracle Girl has a butterfly brain ...

So ... I have begun ... I am focussing on the living room ... however small the job, it shall be a living room job, until the living room is done ... I am sorting craft alongside, on the basis that there is much crafty stuff, between me and Daisyfay ... and much of it is in the living room, as well as everywhere else!

I have a new mini-plan ... I am feeling purposeful ... Zigzag away, zigzag away, zigzag away ...


  1. I'll join you and concentrate on Tilly's room. We have bought wallpaper today and it'll need to be emptied before the roof can be skimmed......eek!

    1. See, I'm avoiding Daisyfay's domain ... too daunting!!

  2. Thanks for the link Liz! Zig Zagging is just a natural "mum" thing to do, too much going on! #musttryharder!