Friday, 4 April 2014

Keeping up appearances...

A comment recently - about the importance of ... keeping up appearances, no matter what - really made me wonder...

Is appearances hair, and nails, and make-up...? Is it expensive ( or anything above basic, to be honest), designer clothes...? Is it really all about this superficial stuff...?

Oh dear, I hope not, Otherwise I've really lost the plot!

And the campervan, seeing as how that is the point, wouldn't be even a figment of my imagination if I had an appearance to worry about ... not that it's much more than that still!

For the last eight years plus all that has come so far down the list, and Daisyfay has come so much farther up - am I wrong?

Feeling a bit inferior ...


  1. Have you been drinking!!........., your worth a million of the yummy mummy superficial Mercedes brigade! Xxxx