Saturday, 10 May 2014

For the first time in forever ...

... there'll be music, there'll be light!
Well not quite, but there will be a sort of balanced bank account at the end of the month - which I have to say is cheering me up more than music and light could probably manage...

(Have you seen Frozen? We have, it was good, the music was excellent! But you can have too much of a good thing - the Miracle Girl loves it - she knows all the songs off by heart - and sings them very dramatically at top volume - all the time ...)

So - the epiphany ... I feel I can't really keep going with it as a theme - it's stretched out far too far to be classed as an epiphany any more ... more a slow ascent into changing things - it's not such a catchy title though! Anyway, so far, I have:
* beaten my cup-a-soup habit and started drinking fizzy water in school instead
* had prunes and yoghurt or grapefruit for breakfast most days
* whooshed fresh beetroot, orange and carrot juice most mornings
* cut down processed carbohydrates (especially bread - no "bought" bread, only from the proper bakery or homemade - and only at the weekends... )
* made healthy salads with lots of nice stuff in for lunch, and taken nuts and dried fruit for snacks
* eaten more fish
* been running ...
* been for walks and just got outside more
Next I am planning to:
* go to bed earlier to get more sleep ... so that I could contemplate getting up earlier, and then go running ...
* drink less wine (repetitive refrain ...)

Quite pleased with myself...

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