Saturday, 8 August 2015

Hair Straighteners

I didn't buy any. I was all resolved to, but then - there's an awful lot of different kinds of straightener, you know ... so I wasn't sure which to buy. And then I thought: the only reason I really want them is to straighten my fringe, because how often do I actually "do" my hair really - and then I thought, if that's the case, is there any reason why the Rapunzel tongs won't work? The Rapunzel tongs were one of Father Christmas' better ideas - they have different attachments and are rather nifty. They aren't straighteners but, after some experimentation, they do straighten my fringe, more or less, albeit with a bit of a flick at the end! Frugality triumphs.

Anyway, now my fringe has grown, and is now summer streaked and salt softened, it is quite wavy, and not very controlled, and feels more me than when it is straight. Maybe what I need is just a longer fringe - the answers are sometimes very simple ...

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