Friday, 11 September 2015

Rising hysteria

I am feeling slightly hysterical, I keep laughing, possibly inappropriately! On Sunday I am doing The Great North Run. Honestly. Me!

I'm quite proud of myself, and will be more so when I've done it - there's been so many times when I've thought I'd have to back out. But, despite the panic when I haven't been able to train, here I am. I did twelve miles last Friday, just to prove to myself that I could get near to it! So, off to Hartlepool Premier Inn tomorrow - oh, the glamour of the athletic circuit! I'm going to do it, I'm going to finish it, and it's all a bit wow! And Daisyfay and Paul will be there too - I think I'm most excited about her seeing me do it. At which point, collapsing in a quivering heap probably isn't an option!

I'm getting sponsored on   It's for Guide Dogs - an amazing cause. Since Daisyfay started climbing with her climbing club it's become a cause she has felt more and more strongly about - her club trains paraclimbers, many of whom are visually impaired/ blind - and it's made her think. She sponsors a guide dog called Freddie with her pocket money, he's not a puppy now, he must be getting close to getting out there - and changing someone's life for the better.

So all you readers out there that I don't know, you could always sponsor me - I could exceed my target...!!

And get watching on Sunday ... me and Mo ... we'll be heading for the same finish line, albeit with a bit of a gap ...

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