Thursday, 26 May 2016

Banana bread or pancakes?

There's more to that question than meets the eye - if I'm asking, it means I have time. It means I have time to be über-mommy and make fancy breakfasts. More often than not though, this is a distant dream - for both me and Daisyfay (who is rather partial to both banana bread and pancakes).

I'm back to looking for gaps again, and was mightily relieved that today was my last day before half term, when I can race around like a mad thing trying to catch up with everything. Starting with the washing. My mastery of the washing is now officially below expectations, caused by missing its' slot. Washing happens most days, but not on Mondays and Tuesdays, when no time slot is available as work, tutoring and Daisyfay's social whirl overpower me. Washing then emerges with a vengeance on a Wednesday, at which point it has usually reproduced at an alarming rate. It is intersperersed with marking, as I multitask like a whirling dervish, and has to be well on the way by the time The Miracle Girl goes to choir at 7 o'clock. It's like dominoes, if it doesn't all happen at the right time everything that follows collapses. It collapsed. Instead of washing/ marking, I spent two and a half hours traipsing from town to town (literally,), from shop to shop, looking for fernicketing ( I made that up, like Lewis Carroll) black P.E. pumps. Now it's not that I object to buying the pumps per se ( well, to be honest, in this particular case, I do - but that's another story ... ), what I object to is the last minute notice which steals my time. I don't have a lot. I am engaged in continuous striving to maximise what I have, so that I can be there for my child - when my time is stolen I lose those minutes, I'll never get them back. So, P.E. pumps, they fit badly - you can't just buy them, you have to try them on, and check they don't fall off if you move. And not everywhere stocks them at this time of year, and not everywhere has all the sizes, and even if they have the correct size that doesn't mean they will actually fit - hence Clarkes size 2 is too small, size 2.5 too big! Took 4 shops, in 2 separate towns, factor in the petrol ... pumps bought - knock on, no washing, no marking - need to get up early to do marking so children can do today's lesson - not a happy bunny.

And time has other aspects - it does that flying thing - the memories you make, the photographs you take, the events and milestones you expect to have - when someone steals those, it makes you very sad ...

This is not my most positive post ever, but I cried - the thief of time, was that a book ...? I'll live - the sun'll come up tomorrow - I checked the weather forecast ...


  1. What you need is quality time ( and by that I mean wine!) with old ( and we are VERY old!) friends!! :))

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