Monday, 27 June 2016


Oh, I am on it! Got a plan. Movin' on up. Dealing ...

I am still so excited, I see possibilities, and a freedom to be...

However, we need to get going - a financial plan is needed - so far it goes - sell the contents of the house, welly up the tutoring, enjoy the time! Think this plan needs refining!

Supply is good, I enjoy it. Hoping I get enough, especially if I get to go back to where I am now. I like it there, so crossing my fingers... You have to look forward, and I'm seeing something worth having.

The plan, with a touch of refinement (you know I love a breakdown...):

* sell any extraneous stuff in the house - ebay, other sites, car boots ... twofold result  :-)

* make stuff

* sew stuff

* shop local - kind of emphasising this one again - we're going to need to soon.

The whole support your local economy was one of the things I meant the blog to push way back when - so, feeling rejuvenated, and intending to go with this.

We're all in this together, he said ... difference is, I believe it ...

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