Thursday, 23 February 2017

Whittling not carving...

Carving out time, that's what I've been trying to do, since the beginning of December - but all I've been managing is a bit of whittling ... a very little bit ...

But, things are about to change, and today is the first day of change, today is the first day of THE new SCHEDULE. We've been revving up towards it this week, me and Daisyfay - increasing our implementation of THE SCHEDULE each day. I knew I was on it last night, when, washing under control, I made mini vegetable crustless quiches for packed lunches alongside cooking dinner. Uber-mommy or what? And tonight ... something unheard of has happened... I am sitting in the armchair in front of the fire writing this. The washing is controlled, I sat with Daisyfay for an hour doing schoolwork without time stress (admittedly, late schoolwork), Paul is cooking dinner... I could find jobs, our house is the sort of house that always has jobs ...but nothing is pressing.

 And why? Well, THE SCHEDULE, obviously!!

And, possibly, the fact that it is the Thursday evening of a typical week and we are not at climbing, which we have been every such Thursday since 2011! Climbing has moved to a Monday - this has necessitated much reorganisation of my week - but tonight it is paying off ... who'd have thought...? Even Daisyfay noticed - "Isn't this nice?" she said as we did her work, "We never do this, it's so much better."

So ... is it THE SCHEDULE ... or is it climbing moving ...?

Not sure yet, but have definitely managed more carving tonight ...


  1. Go You! I shall call you "Little Miss Organised" from now on! :-)

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