Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Conquering technology

The two pronged strategy - actions today ...

Prong 1 : Frugality

* I have a blog to read - - thanks to my first comment on my shiny new blog!!
* I wrote things on my spending diary ( but this just exposed my lack of frugality as we went to The Farm tearoom after school - oops!)
* I still have not had any wine.

Prong 2 : Making more money

I have been more productive here. I spent this morning conquering technology - in the form of my phone. Now, it's a very nice phone, and does lots of very clever things (although less of them recently...). You see it ran out of space - I didn't know they could do that. It kept telling me to delete stuff ... so I did ... I hope they weren't important. Anyway, what it really wanted me to delete were photos - I had tried to send them to the computer, but failed miserably. I also obsess a little over where they are, and have they really copied or am I about to lose them to the technofairies of doom! However the phone had ground to a halt and I needed to use the camera for Prong 2 ... now I have a fully operational phone, photos in a file in "My Pictures" and a sense of achievement!

So I have:
* taken photos of things to sell and posted them on my Facebook page and on a local buying and selling page - next I am going to put them on Gumtree, and maybe Ebay too.

Flushed with success, tomorrow I am going to investigate adding pictures to the blog ...

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