Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Money doesn't buy you happiness

Now, in essence, I'd have to say I agree with this. In fact so much so that a few years ago, around the time that Daisyfay was starting school, I left a workplace where I was very unhappy (but financially stable) to become an itinerant supply teacher. Now I have flexibility and am generally happy - I have time to spend with the Miracle Girl and no work related stress.

But ... back to dreaming of a campervan ...whilst happy I have very little money. If we are to buy a campervan I will need to find some money. This leads us back to the plan, which is beginning to evolve...

Step 1 of plan - pay off debts. Hmmm!
I think frugality and making more money would constitute a two-pronged strategy...

Actions so far:

* Yesterday I sawed up the remains of the Christmas tree to burn on the fire - now that's frugal! And bloody hard work!
* I have stuck a spending diary (well, a piece of paper) to the cupboard door in the kitchen.
* I had no wine last night!

It's going to take a while ...


  1. Love your writing style Liz. Have a read of this blog, Froogs is the queen of debt reduction and generally living frugally. http://frugalincornwall.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. It may take a while but it'll be worth it! I've always fancied a camper van too!

  3. A distant desire, I think ... but we're going for it!