Monday, 11 February 2013

Starting today...

We're dreaming of a camper van, that is me and Daisyfay the Miracle Girl are, I'm not sure Paul is ( I think he's dreaming more of a luxury penthouse in San Francisco, but hey!). Anyway we two, at least, want a camper van, but we can't afford one - so in the spirit of having an aspiration, I've decided that that is going to be mine. And today is going to be the day we start looking forward to it - so I've started with this - so I can come up with a plan, that makes sense, and write it down somewhere, and just maybe other people will read it and improve on the plan with better ideas than mine.

So, the plan, so far: in an as yet undefined space of time, we will have paid off our debts, I will be in control of my time, I will be able to make the choices I want ... and we will have a camper van.

Starting today ...

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