Friday, 22 February 2013


Everyone's got one - as a teacher, and, for a long time, one who was responsible for gifted, able and talented pupils, I've always believed this - everyone is talented at something, the challenge is finding out what at ... if you never try something, how do you know whether you're good at it?

The Miracle Girl has talents, it appears - not massively career-enhancing ones sadly - however they are talents which may have a certain cool factor when she's in her teens! She can sing ... I always thought she just liked it and that was lovely, but last year people kept telling me she was good, and then I saw her in front of an audience a few times and thought "Oh!" - she does sound good, and it does make me proud to watch her :-). Her other talent, oddly, is climbing - I don't know why I'm surprised, since she was tiny a family saying has been that she was a squirrel in another life! Anyway she was asked to join an academy for talented climbers - she loves it - I sit there and bite my nails and try and reassure myself that at least she's in a harness ...

So it got me to thinking - do I have talents I could use for Prong 2?

List of talents:

* teaching - I do tutor on and off in addition to supply teaching, but have never pushed the idea, just taken things if they come along.

* doing parties on a shoestring - a useful skill, but not great for making more money, as it's a bit self-defeating to pay me to do it!

* making preserves and pickles - hmm - not sure what I can do with that ...

* making cakes - wondering if this one has potential ...

So, back to the campervan ( and conquering technology!) ... Daisyfay's birthday cakes :

Maybe I can be an entrepeneur ...


  1. You're rather talented at stage production too

    1. Why thank you, I'd not thought of that :-) x

  2. Cakes, pickles - farmers' markets?? Stall here just like it.