Friday, 4 August 2017

Pondering #bettertogether

June 16th -  we had a picnic -  school/church in the church gardens, part of the Great Get Together for the Jo Cox Foundation. It was a lovely evening. We've had the picnic before, it was a good fit with the Great Get Together - bringing community together ... because it's true: we are always better together.
And that's where the pondering came in - I've wondered over the last two or three months, watching people not seeing that. Which in turn makes me look at how I think ... the pondering has made me decide to do more, and sometimes maybe say more. People are all out there fighting their own battles, getting done what needs to be done. Sometimes that's easier than other times. I try not to be judgemental - who knows why anyone is who they are, and there but for the grace ... if you look for the good in the people around you, you usually find it. Difference seems to be a problem for so many people - whether in a large-scale, political sense; or in an every day, at home, at work situation. I am no better or worse than anyone else, I'm just different - and if everyone was like me, it'd be a pretty boring life, with nothing new to learn. If we want the communities in our lives to function at their best, we need to encourage everyone - or they'll just stop - and everyone loses.
So, money where mouth is - stand up for people, get out there and do things, don't judge ... I shall find gaps in my gapless life ... because we really are better together.
There is more that unites us ...

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